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From dental cleanings and exams to cosmetic procedures, we offer a variety of services to meet each patient’s unique needs.  Emergency appointments are available to treat toothaches, broken teeth, and other urgent conditions.  We offer white fillings (composites), porcelain crowns and bridges, implant crowns, veneers, bleaching, replacement of silver (amalgam) fillings, extractions, and much more.  Dr. Alexander is also specially trained to treat TMJ disorders.  While your oral health is always our primary concern, all procedures are performed with cosmetic appearance in mind.

Below are detailed descriptions of some popular cosmetic services.

Adult Orthodontic Movement

By using a series of invisible trays, problems such as crowding can be resolved, while space closure and proper tooth alignment can be achieved,  This treatment was originally developed by Invisalign, but it has been reproduced by other companies to provide patients with a selection of cost efficient options.   Our office offers an invisible aligner system to provide highly effective anterior tooth alignment without the high cost. 


This procedure is the easiest and fastest way to transform a smile.  We offer two types of bleaching for our patients.  Both are very affordable and fun.  Many times, we will couple this procedure with the invisible tray orthodontic movement. 



For many, this can be a life changing procedure.  Proper treatment planning with implants is critical.  There are many restorative options when using implants.  Dr. Alexander has been restoring implants for more than 25 years and has the experience to guide the patient in making the right treatment decisions.

Probably our favorite cosmetic procedure!  Preparing teeth for veneers is minimally invasive, in that many times there is little or no tooth structure removed.  If there is a need, at most only 0.5 mm of tooth structure is removed (teeth usually have 2 mm of enamel).  This procedure transforms smiles in a quick, conservative manner.  It can even be considered "instant orthodontics" in cases where veneers close spaces or straighten a smile. 

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